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Introduction to DDQ

DDQ Volume 1, Number 1: Introduction to Digital Preservation                                                    1Q2002

When Was the Information Revolution?

Basis in Philosophy

DDQ Volume 1, Number 2: Digital Preservation (cont’d)                                                              2Q2002

Recent Reports

What is the Information Revolution?


Digital Document Preservation

Criticisms of DDQ

News, Technical Tips, and Reading Recommendations

DDQ Volume 1, Number 3: Digital Preservation: Key Questions                                                   3Q2002

Selection Criteria: What’s Worth Saving

Semantics and Knowledge Management

Use and Misuse of OAIS

Phased Deployment of Digital Preservation

News, Technical Tips, and Reading Recommendations

DDQ Volume 1, Number 4: Digital Preservation Technical Solution                                              4Q2002

Papyrus and Digital Content Preservation

Why Do Digital Data Seem to Present Difficulties

Requirements Studies

EU-NSF Workgroup: Digital Preservation and Archiving

Characteristics of Preservation Solutions

Nothing: Trickier Than You Might Think

Towards a Solution for the Technical Aspects

News, Technical Tips, and Reading Recommendations

 DDQ Volume 2, Number 1: Digital Preservation and Fundamentals                                             1Q2003

An Archivist Looks at the World of Archivists

What Does “Authentic” Mean?

What Constitutes Documentary Evidence?

Russell’s Paradox: Significance and Resolution

What’s a Good Research Initiative?

Drawing a Blank

Home Computing Technology and Price Watch

 DDQ Volume 2, Number 2: Digital Preservation Divide and Conquer                                           2Q2003

Migration, Emulation, and Durable Encoding

Preserving Dynamic Behavior or Content

Durable Encoding: Core Ideas

Economics and Storage

Critical Thinking: Managing Criticism by Investment

News: Ted Codd Obituary and several Intellectual Property Events

Reading Recommendations: Governmental Preservation Reports

Home Computing Technology and Price Watch

 DDQ Volume 2, Number 3: Digital Preservation and the NDIIPP                                                 3Q2003

The NDIIPP Plan: What’s Missing

Not Everything Unknown is a Research Issue

More on “Authenticity”

Information Sources: Preservation Bibliography and ERPAePRINTS

News: Timely 1995 News and More Recent Articles

Reading Recommendations: Disciplinary Orthodoxy; Authenticity in Music

Home Computing Technology and Price Watch

 DDQ Volume 2, Number 4: Epistemology for Digital Preservation                                              4Q2003

       Unicode, UTF-8, and Fonts

       Research Recommendation; Preservation Media as Durable as Paper

       A Test of Reasoning

       Culture Clash between Disciplines

       The SCO Group Attacks the General Public License

       Digital Preservation at UNESCO and in U.K.

       Innovations: Xforms; Searchable Current Books

       Reading Recommendations: U.S. Gov’t. I/T Research Agenda

       Practical Digital Technology: Inexpensive Office Suites; Hot Gadgets Contra-Indicated

 DDQ Volume 3, Number 1:  Preserving Office Records                                                              1Q2004

       Pessimism and Irony about Digital Preservation

       Progress in Digital Preservation Services: Open Archives, File Formations, Images

       Epistemology and Software: Gödel’s Proof that God Exists, SW Aphorisms

       News: Challengers to MS Office, A Ridiculous Patent Application by Microsoft

       Innovations: Eclipse IDE, Web Pages with See-Through Portions

       Reading Recommendations: Ambrose Bierce, Peter Drucker, Lou Gerstner

       Practical Matters: Spam, Identity Theft, Home Computing Price Watch

  DDQ Volume 3, Number 2:  Basic Topics in Digital Preservation of Knowledge                          2Q2004

       Economic Trends and Technical Imperatives

       Preservation Requirements and Their Consequences

       Preserving Knowledge

       Preserving Personal Pictures and Records

       Validation in Old Cryptographic Public Keys

       Good Scholarship Sadly Lacking

       A “Johnnie-come-lately” Digital Repository Project

       and news, reading recommendations, and practical suggestion sections.

  DDQ Volume 3, Number 3:  NSF RFP 04-592 “Digital Archiving and Long-Term Preservation”     3Q2004

       Research Needs Reconsidered

       A Different View of the Research Challenges

       TDO Digital Preservation Progress

       Another Way to Make Documents Trustworthy

       Query: What Was New in Digital Library?

       LinuxWorld and Software Selection

       Linux Desktops and Laptops: Has Their Time Come?

       Home Personal Computer Reliability

       and news, reading recommendations, and an Appendix: Preservation Research Needs.

DDQ Volume 3, Number 4:  Democratization of Information                                                        4Q2004

       Digital Preservation: Metadata Questioned; What We Learn from Copyright Protection; Repository-centric
               initiatives; NDIIPP Critique; Progress with TDO Approach

       News Reports and Reading Recommendations

       Software Recommendations

       Delay Desktop PC Replacement if You Can!

DDQ Volume 4, Number 1:  Information Retrieval                                                                        1Q2005

       Topics for Information Preservation: Java for Content Management, Universal Unique Identifiers, XML Packaging

       Digital Cultural Heritage: Problem or Opportunity?

       News Reports and Reading Recommendations

       Software Recommendations

       Home Computing Price Watch

DDQ Volume 4, Number 2:                                                                                                        2Q2005

       Topics for Information Preservation: Institutions vs. Technology?  Choosing Repository SW, Making Repository SW Replaceable

       Epistemology: ‘dialectic’, ‘scientific’, Russell’s Paradox Revisted

       News Reports and Reading Recommendations

       Software Recommendations

       Home Computing: SW recommendations, Courses on Home Office Setup, Price Watch

DDQ Volume 4, Number 3:                                                                                                        3Q2005

       Preserving Digital Records: Meaning of ‘Digital Preservation’, … in Institutional Repositories, Requirements, Financial Stress

               Ten Years after the Seminal Report

       Technology and Social Trends

       News Reports and Reading Recommendations

       Information Technology’s Dirty Words

       Home Computing: SW recommendations, Price Watch

DDQ Volume 4, Number 4:                                                                                                        4Q2005

The Class of ‘Balls’ Is Not Obviously the Set of Balls

A Concise Dismissal of “Intelligent Design”

What is “Digital Preservation”?  What Does “Open Source” Mean?

About Digital Preservation Costs

Speculation about Faster Digital Preservation Progress

Recommended reading: Michael Polanyi’s Personal Knowledge

Recommended reading: The Internet is Broken

Recommended reading: 10 Things you should do to a new PC before connecting it to the Internet

Home Computing: Web pages that I like; Price Watch

DDQ Volume 5, Number 1:                                                                                                        1Q2006

This number asks "Why So Slow towards Practical Preservation?" and suggests answers that are admittedly incomplete, and are perhaps also controversial.  DDQ offers to publish brief dissents with its opinions.

It also contains a dozen short reports on preservation and innovation announcements of more than average interest, starting with several European items.  Its "Home Computing" section suggests several free or inexpensive utility programs that appeal to me.

DDQ Volume 5, Number 2:                                                                                                        2Q2006

Digital Preservation: recent events

    NDIIPP at Mid-point

    Preservation, Repository and Related Software

    Automatic Book Scanning

Epistemology: Why Philosophy is Pertinent to Preservation

    The Word ‘Science’

News: Microsoft Office and Open Document Format standard; Linux Standard Base; AJAX Security Risk; ...

Search Technology and Offerings  Error! Bookmark not defined.

Reading Recommendations: The Great Influenza; Cook vs. Chef; Sylvie and Bruno

Practical Matters: Digital Camera Choice; What Kind of File is That?

DDQ Volume 5, Number 3:                                                                                                        3Q2006

Digital Preservation Events; also an NDIIPP critique

Security Matters

Your Own Digital Library

Russell Paradox Revisited: Error in DDQ 2(1)

News, with emphasis on misbehavior in Washington

Recommended reading: Michael Friedman’s A Parting of the Ways: Carnap, Cassirer, and Heidegger Error! Bookmark not defined.

Recommended reading: Sellar and Yeatman’s 1066 and All That

Practical Matters: XML Notes, some “top 10” lists, automatic printing of single book copies, price watch

DDQ Volume 5, Number 4:                                                                                                        4Q2006

Digital Preservation

       On Designated Communities

       NDIIPP at Mid-Point

       East of England Digital Preservation Project

       A Misleading Analogy: Paper and Digital Preservation

       Digital Preservation of a Different Sort

Inattention across the Boundaries of Professional Disciplines

       A Two Cultures Model: Stylistic Differences in R&D

       A New U.K. Research Emphasis: Memories for Life

       Coping with an Uncertain Future


Practical Matters: interesting Web sites, price watch

DDQ Volume 6, Number 1:                                                                                                        1Q2007

Digital Preservation

       A Reader’s Comment on “Preserving Everything”

       Five New Books on Digital Preservation

       Database Preservation

Digital Libraries and Search

       Search Engine Alternatives

       An Inquiry into Academic Cataloging Practice

       Libraries Playing Catch-Up: Melvyl Recommender Project


       Protesting the “Law of the Excluded Middle”

Reading Recommendations

DDQ Volume 6, Number 2:                                                                                                        2Q2007

Archiving and Digital Preservation

           What is Digital Preservation?

A Flawed Critique of “Durable Encoding”

Seeking Software Preservation Volunteers


20th–century Rift: Analytic and Continental Philosophies

Information and Knowledge Deliberately Confounded


Reading Recommendations

Alistair McGrath’s Story of the King James Bible

Ernst Cassirer's The Problem of Knowledge (Volume IV)

Michael Polanyi’s Personal Knowledge

Niall Ferguson’s The House of Rothschild: 1798-1848

New Methods for Image Discovery

Practical Matters

Touring with Your Data and Applications

Inexpensive Software Resources

Price Watch and PC Evolution

Even Higher Performance Coming

    Memory and Storage Bargains

DDQ Volume 6, Number 3:                                                                                            3Q2007

Digital Preservation

           NDIIPP Funding Withdrawn

Another Task Force, and Also New NSF Funding”

Vintage Gadgets at the Computer History Museum


Notes on Natural Language

Knowledge and Information

Information Science

    What is Information Science?

    Rename Information Science as Knowledge Science?

    Symptomatic Synopsis

Reading Recommendations

Umberto Eco, Kant and the Platypus

Eric Kandel, In Search of Memory

Alan Hirschfeld, The Electric Life of Michael Faraday

Andrew Spielman & Michael D’Antonio, Mosquito

Practical Matters

Migrating from Microsoft Products to Open Source

Persistent Storage on Your LAN

Your Future PC


DDQ Volume 6, Number 4:                                                                                            4Q2007

Digital Preservation

           Comments about Digital Trustworthiness

Security Problems from Insider Errors

Canadian Digital Preservation Strategy



Startling Facts


Reading Recommendations

David Lindley, Uncertainty

Ernst Cassirer, The Logical Structure of the Humanities and An Essay on Man

Amos Elon, The Pity of It All

Practical Matters

Traveling with Flash Memory

Addressing Your Private Web Pages

Opting Out of U.S. Mail


DDQ Volume 7, Number 1:                                                                                            1Q2008

Open Access

    Scanning to Create On-Line Books

    Scholarly Material On-line

    Marginalization of Research Librarians

Digital Preservation

A Software Engineering Contribution

U.S. Preservation Initiatives

Other Preservation Initiatives


    Whence and Whither Ontologies


    Industrial IT Research Evolution

Reading Recommendations

    Stan Kelly-Bootle, Aphorisme du Jour

    E. Brian Davies, Science in the Looking Glass

    Walter Isaacson, Einstein: His Life and Universe

    Martin Gilbert, Churchill and the Jews

    Notes about Muslim Contributions

Amusing and Informative Web Sites

Practical Matters

    Spam E-mail Flood

    Software Advice

    “Top Ten” Lists

    Digital Stuff for $0.00

Price Watch

DDQ Volume 7, Number 2:                                                                                            2Q2008

Open Access: OCLC and Google Share Book Information

Archiving and Long-Term Digital Preservation (LDP)

A Note on Partitioning into Software Modules

Content Partitioning in Preservation Discussions

How to Speed Up LDP Progress

NARA’s Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

Limitations of OAIS

E-spionage Threats and “Trusted Digital Repositories” (TDR)

EU Preservation Program (Planets) Software

Cost of Long-term Digital Preservation (LDP)

Recommendations for Reading, Listening, and Viewing

    John Maynard Keynes, Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren

    Daniel Hedrick: When Information Came of Age

    Anticipating the Oil Price Explosion

    The Film “Wit”

    Two Canadian Fold Singers

Practical Matters

    Phishing by Simulating U.S. Internal Revenue Service

    Linux Ubuntu

DDQ Volume 7, Number 3:                                                                                            3Q2008

Information Science and Scholarly Writing

    A Short Life for Information Science

    Critique of Scholarly Writing: Only the Best is Good Enough

    Not Necessarily Novel

       Digital Archiving Research: Not Necessarily Novel

       Patented Technology: Not Necessarily Novel

Digital Archiving and Preservation

Digital Preservation Notes

Federal Files Blip into Oblivion

What Do People Mean by “Digital Preservation”?

Time to Build Bridges

Partitioning Digital Preservation for Individual SW Contributions

File Formats for Long-Term Digital Preservation

Recommendations for Reading, Listening, or Viewing

    Collapse of Sub-prime Mortgage Market

    Jeffrey D. Sachs’ Common Wealth

    Fundamentals for Archiving

    Martin Gilbert, Churchill and the Jews

    Notes about Muslim Contributions


    Soaring Demand for Storage Space; Meaningless “Cloud Computing”

    Archiving an Archenemy

    Advanced Quadruped Robot

Practical Matters

    Browser Enhancement for Fast Link Preview

    Software for Musicians

Price Watch


DDQ Volume 7, Number 4:                                                                                            4Q2008

Digital Archiving and Preservation

    Digital Preservation Note

    Interim Assessment of Long-Term Preservation Know-How

    Time to Fish or Cut Bait

Information Science

Tenure Committees—Counting Instead of Reading

Information Science Research: Not Necessarily Novel

Role of Research Librarians


    European Collections

    Intellectual Property Highlights

    Technology Highlights

Recommendations for Reading, Listening, or Viewing

    Rosen’s Winners and Losers of the Information Revolution

    Friedman’s The World is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century

    Self-Education in Physics

    Miscellany (including the Bed-Bug Letter)

Practical Matters

    Tips and Techniques

Price Watch


DDQ Volume 8, Number 1:                                                                                            1Q2009

Long Term Digital Preservation (LDP)

Emulation as a Digital Preservation Tool

A Critical View

EU Emulation Project

Open Access

German TextGrid Project

Mining Millions of Metaphors

Federated Search for Online Books

NSF Digital Library Ignored



  Bafflement about Zeno’s Paradox

  Patterns in the Information Revolution


Upgrading Tools to Verify Digital Records

Guide for Vetting Charities

Recommendations for Reading, Listening, or Viewing

 J.L. Synge: Science: Sense and Nonsense

 Ernst Cassirer: Kant’s Life and Thought

 World's Greatest Keyboard

Practical Matters

 Telephone Enhancements and Free Services

 Product Origins from Bar Codes

 Browser Enhancers

 Virtual Machines and Virtual Desktops

 Souped-Up Scanner Reads Books Aloud

Price Watch

DDQ Volume 8, Number 2:                                                                                            2Q2009

Digital Preservation

State of the Art

Testing Integrity of Digital Assets

Comment on “Dark Archives”

Draft 5-Year Update to OAIS

Comment on Copyright: “Digital Barbarism”


   Semantics in Scholarly Publication

   Surreal and Infinitesimal Numbers


 Prototype 500Gb Holographic Storage

 Library of World’s Knowledge

 New Finds of Old Manuscripts

 Affordable Fix for Modernizing Medical Records?

 Competition for Search Business

 Internet Malware Creates Silicon Valley Business

 Business Analytics and Optimization

 Obituary: Barbara Ringer

Recommendations for Reading, Listening, or Viewing

Outstanding Literature in Banned Book Lists

Poincaré’s Science and Hypothesis

Badiou’s Le Nombre et les nombres

Singer’s The Brothers Ashkenazi

Margolius-Kovaly’s Life in Prague 1941-1968

A German Professor Visits Eldorado

250+ Local Digital Libraries and Archives

Great Staging at the Metropolitan Opera

Touch Table

Favorite Quips

Practical Matters

A Model Weather Website

GPS Maps Out of Date

Defragment HDDs with Smart Defrag

Desktop Display Enhancements

New Encryption Key Management Standard

Home Computer Repair

More from a Download a Day

Price Watch

DDQ Volume 8, Number 3:                                                                                            3Q2009

Digital Documents and Collections

Social History of the Media

Million-Page Newspaper Archive

Digital Tools for Librarians

Finding Censorship Where There Is None

Managing Data Floods; Google’s Book Digitization

Digital Collecting: Mature Ideas and Immature Implementations


   Language Used to Mislead

   Spinoza and the Boundary between Epistemology and Ethics


 Information-Rich and Attention-Poor

 Health Records Technology

 IBM and Open Source: Sharing Development Software

 Palestinian Leaders Deny Jerusalem’s Past

Recommendations for Reading, Listening, Viewing, or Eating

Drakulic’s How We Survived Communism

Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Dresdener Stollen

Practical Matters

Relief from Robo-Calls

Strategies for Data Backup

More Free Software Tool Recommendations

Price Watch

DDQ Volume 8, Number 4:                                                                                            4Q2009


Critique by and discussions with John Bennett, Tom Gladney, Peter Lucas, and John Swinden have helped create most DDQ numbers. Their help is gratefully acknowledged.

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