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Digital Document Quarterly,

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Consulting Specialties

Enterprise digital document management, especially long-term digital preservation.

Document security, authenticity, trust, … from strategic business assessment to bit-level software design.

Intellectual property law and management.

Work History and Accomplishments

Published 76 papers; 11 patents; 33 Digital Document Quarterly numbers; 2 books.

Starting in 2001 after leaving IBM Research, I focused on long-term preservation of digital documents, with interesting progress.

Starting in 1995, I investigated security and intellectual property issues, publishing several papers and acquiring several patents for IBM. 

In 1988-91, I designed a digital library service that is the core of today's IBM Content Manager®. I then worked closely with the product development teams on protecting people's intellectual property rights.  Much of this was collaboration with customers and IBM marketing and development.  For instance, an IBM/State of California project resulted in new legislation (for sole source R&D contracts), and pilots in several states (e.g., Maryland personal income tax returns).

In 1970-5, I led prototype development of RACF® (Resource Access Control Facility), a security product still used on mainframes and LAN products. RACF was often copied, e.g., as part of Unix® file systems. I also led development of EDX® (Event-Driven Executive), a real-time operating system released in 1978 and used on over 60,000 mini-computers.

Computer science research—large distributed data systems, digital libraries, security, and intellectual property management (1980-2000).

Chemical physics research and computing service management (1963-80).  Elected American Physical Society Fellow 1978.

Personal History and Education

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia; migrated through London (England), Bombay (Mumbai), Montreal, London (Ontario),
Sarnia, Toronto, Princeton, San Jose, and White Plains before settling in Saratoga; schooled at:

Upper Canada College, Toronto



Best graduating marks in school

Trinity College,
University of Toronto

Physics & Chemistry

B.A., 1960

Gold medal: best degree in Trinity College

Princeton University

Chemical Physics

M.A., 1962
Ph.D., 1963

Summa cum laude

Hobbies, Sports, Amusements

  • Studying philosophy, especially epistemology
  • Classical music, fine arts, esp. impressionist painting and Japanese prints (ukiyo-e)
  • Research into American revolutionary history
  • Reading history, classic fiction, economics, murder mysteries, law, philosophy, ...
  • Foreign travel

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